Aqua Grand Plus RO+ UV+TDS+Mineral RO Water Purifier

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AQUA GRAND PLUS 12 L Mineral Ro (RO+ UV+TDS) Water Purifier is a Multi stage purification system RO+UV+TDS controller


Reverse osmosis water purification, the best investment you will ever make in the health and well-being of your family. Our unique design features make installation easier and operation more reliable. 1) Six Month warranty for MOTOR and SMPS, Filters are consumables, get blocked or choked because of water only. If water quality is good filters life will be more, If water quality is worst (More turbidity or more TDS Filters life will be lesser so,not covered in Warranty.

1 review for Aqua Grand Plus RO+ UV+TDS+Mineral RO Water Purifier

  1. Rakesh Bhadresha

    Nice ro and fast customer support service. Delivered in 2 days in Gujarat.

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