Water Purifier FAQ

Water Purifier FAQ

A water purifier is one best electrical device which is used to eliminate all kinds of contamination present in the water. There are several questions which one should know. Here are those FAQ’s which everyone should know.

1. Which Is The Best Water Purifier?

Which is the Best RO Water Purifier  It totally depends on your regular water quality. Thus before choosing to know your water quality, it will help you get the best water purifier. A water purifier is based on the best and advanced technology, such as RO, UV, and many others, which removes all kinds of contamination present in water. But if you don’t know that water purifier quality, then you can go for Nexus Camry RO+UV+UV+TDS controller+ Alkaline based water purifier as this ro water purifier is suitable for all kinds of the source water.

2. Which Water Purifier Is Better RO Or UV?

It is hard to mention, which is the best RO and UV? Because both of the water purifier technology is best. An RO water purifier removes all kinds of contamination, including microbial contamination, but a UV water purifier can only eliminate bacterial contamination.

An RO water purifier is mostly used in those areas where TDS concentration is comparatively higher than the microbial contamination. A UV water purifier is suitable in those areas where the microbial concentration is higher than the TDS concentration.

RO water purifier separate contamination based on the molecular chance that some microbes can remain in the water, but UV water purifier destroys the bacteria and make microbial water contamination free. Most of the water purifier manufacturer design water purifier based on combined RO and UV because the presence of both technologies improves the drinking water quality.

3. Which Water Purifier Is Best For Home?Aquafresh nexus camry ro water purifier

This entirely depends upon your need and budget. Thus before selecting a water purifier for home, fix your budget. Here we have listed the best 10 water purifiers for the home, which will help you to get the best one.

  • Aquafresh Nexus Camry
  • Kent Grand Star
  • Blue Star Aristo
  • Havells Max
  • Kent Grand Plus
  • Kent Ace Mineral
  • Blue Star Majesto
  • Kent Maxx
  • AO Smith Z8
  • HUL Pureit
  • Aquaguard Smart Plus
  • Livpure PEP Pro Plus

Buying a Best RO Water Purifier for home is one of the challenging tasks because there are various brands of water purifiers in India. Thus, we recommend you to Buy these Best water purifier for your home in India.

4. Which Water Purifier Is Good For Drinking?

This depends upon the person’s choice, although the best water comes from an Alkaline water purifier because an Alkaline water purifier maintains the pH of the water within the healthy limit, which is slightly basic.

The alkaline water purifier also protects you from various kinds of fatal diseases and also makes your skin glow. But they cost higher. Thus, not all can afford it. Instead of Alkaline water, RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller+ Mineral Booster also brings tasty water.

5. Is RO Water Bad For Health?

RO water purifiers eliminate all kinds of contamination and make water healthy and safe for human use. Water is one of the natural solvents which can remove all types of substances in it, and due to this, water becomes home of several kinds of disease-causing agents, which can make you sick.

But the use of RO water purifiers can eliminate all kinds of contamination present in water. As a result, water become disease-free, and drinking of pollution-free water improve your immune system health. Every year, millions of people lose their life due to drinking of contaminated water. Still, the installation of an RO water purifier can protect you from different kinds of waterborne diseases.

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