Where To Buy RO Spare Parts

Where To Buy RO Spare Parts

The RO water purifier is one of the fundamental parts of today’s life as there is a considerable insufficiency of fresh water. Our earth is occupied by three fourth of water, but when it comes to drinkable water, then it is about 2.5 percent only.

Most of the natural water bodies are lacking water due to uncontrolled usage, or some are unfit for use because of the high level of contamination.

So, it is essential to have a RO water purifier at your home to ensure the quality of water. But, you have to choose a water purifier only after having expert assistance or water quality taste because these parameters are necessary to be viewed at the time of water purifier selection.

If you previously have a RO water purifier, then you must have to care about their spare parts for the optimum performance. It is important to buy genuine spare parts only to eliminate further RO water purifier hassles. So, you need a trustworthy RO spare parts supplier like Galaxy RO & DTH who is dealing only in self-tested genuine spare parts all over India. It is prohibited to go outside during lockdowns, and in case of any RO water purifier additional damage, it is hard to find the same because of their unavailability. And then the only option left is to get those spare parts at your doorway in case of sudden breakage.

How to get 100% genuine spare parts at your doorstep

As you can find various RO spare parts sellers in standard days, but when in COVID-19 lockdowns, it is hard to find anyone. But, Galaxy RO & DTH stood along with you in any harsh conditions even during coronavirus lockdowns in India. They care for their customer and ready to assist in every possible way in 365 days around the clock. A person can request RO water purifier service, maintenance, spare parts requirements, and all other RO water purifier needs from Galaxy RO & DTH via various communication methods. They make sure that you can only get certified RO spare parts that can give you uninterrupted RO service for an extended period of time.

Your search ends here at Galaxy RO & DTH because of its multi-dimensional RO water purifier service in one place. They are one of the trusted RO service providers all over India as they have a well-qualified team of field service engineers and in-house customer care service that can make all these possible. You can also get all significant RO spare parts at your doorway for domestic as well as industrial RO water purifiers. You can get authenticated water filters like RO, UV, activated carbon, and sediment filter at wholesale prices. A person can understand all significant and minor RO spare parts that are detailed below:

  1. In-let Valve- it is the primary inlet source of water.
  1. Pre-filter- it is like a guard to protect the RO membrane from excess salt, soil, and chlorine.
  2. RO membrane- it is the most significant part of any water purifier that eliminates all suspended hazards.
  3. Post-filter- RO purified water thoroughly goes via post-filter that eliminates terrible taste and odor and makes it sweeter.
  4. Storage tank- a pasteurized tank where purified water is stored for future purposes.
  5. Back-flow restricting Valve- it prevents the reverse of purified water, which may rupture the RO membrane.
  6. Drain line- it discharges wastewater that is full of impurities.
  7. Faucet- it is directly connected with the main water inlet and controls the whole process.

You have to assure all the following RO spare are in well-working condition before starting your RO water purifier because any of the parts are in loose of detached position, then it can lead to severe problems. So, it is better to re-check the RO water purifier after re-installation or mending to ensure the spare parts life. Every RO spare parts have a specific role in effective water purification as single missing parts can lead to several waterborne diseases. So, choose your RO service partner only after knowing all the essential details about spare and service. You can compare some of the available RO spare or service providers to make sure its authenticity and after-sales warranty.

How can a RO service center affect the RO water purifier life?

RO water system is a simple water purification technology that eliminates all suspended solids, microorganisms, excess salts, and all other harmful chemicals in a single cycle. You need to care for your water purifier with timely service and maintenance to make it maximum out of this along with lowering service costs. So, the role of the RO service center is vital in their overall journey because of their continuous usage. Its constant usage needs some regular service, oiling, spare parts exchange, and filter change to provide the most purified water. A person also maintains an RO water apparatus by availing these essential services time-to-time with Galaxy RO & DTH.

If there is no good for health due to the coronavirus crisis, many of the firms are availing tele-services for their customers with video calling technology. Tele-services are useful in those situations where most of the people have in their homes as Galaxy RO & DTH is available on your phones, tablets, and computers. As we all know that most of RO services are available on mobile phone applications, but when it comes to lockdown situations where most of the service providers are shut their services for an indefinite time. For nearly two months now, coronavirus is surging in India. Most of the RO users are unable to get domestic appliance services.

A person can talk to the expert RO service technicians and discuss the RO parts dis-functioning and get satisfactory assistance on the phone as their RO service technician can get 90 percent of information and tell what’s wrong with your RO water purifier’s part. They get most of the information from talking and listening as they access the actual RO water purifier condition. So, you can say tele-services can provide easy assistance to every single RO water purifier user in India.

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