Aquaguard Aquafilter for Water Purifiers – 4 Pieces

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  • Multi-layered, Impregnated Carbon, Depth Filter, Can be back flushed, Suitable for Pre-filter Housing Bottle 10 Inch.
  • Remove dirt, rust and every solid parts from water till 5 microns.
  • Sales package: 4 Pcs MLT Carbon Filter Suitable for 250mm Bowl. Best Quality Product.
  • Aquaguard Aquafilter threaded candle. Length is 9 inch. Polypropylene yarn wound candle, Multilayered, Impregnated Carbon, Depth Filter, Can be back flushed.



Aquaguard Aquafilter protect your Water Purifier from dirt particles and any other visible pollutants which may further enter inside the Water filtration system.

  • Aquaguard Aquafilter is normally used in first stage of multi stage water filter system.
  • Replacement of Aquafilter every 3 month can save bigger expenses.
  • Frequently replacing of Aquafilter protects RO Membrane and choking of other water filters.
  • These pre-filters are commonly used to remove dirt, impurities, sediment, rust, slime, sand, grass and grit etc.


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